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Our Methodology

How Our Methodology Benefits You

  • Faster development time - so you can get to market ahead of your competition.
  • Lower overall cost - so you can meet your budget needs and keep overhead down.
  • Focus on the right solution - so you get exactly what you need and want.
  • A minimum of your time - so you can be part of the development process, without taking too much time away from your business.

Steps to Software Success: How We Work with You

  • We brainstorm with you to understand your goals for the software.
  • We create an initial "proof of concept" prototype.
  • We evolve and adjust the prototype through multiple iterations in a series of milestones -- based on feedback from you and other stakeholders.
  • We get closer to your final goals with each iteration and milestone.
  • We refactor the code and architecture throughout the entire lifecycle of the project to improve and streamline internal structure.
  • We make you part of the development team through short brainstorming sessions - along with using and testing the evolving prototype - without taking up too much of your time.
  • We deliver a final core software product that meets your highest expectations, along with your schedule and budget.

To consistently help our clients achieve the results they  want, we employ an agile methodology for building and  maintaining high-quality software products. This  process has proven itself in numerous successful  releases to the market.

Our iterative "evolving milestones" methodology  helps us identify your true needs and address your most important real-world issues. It starts wherever you are right now - with an idea, a concept or a short problem description. Then, we gradually build your software in a series of milestones to create working prototypes.

At each milestone, we enhance and refine the software based on feedback and input from you (the client), stakeholders and developers -- along with the results of testing and diagnostics code. This approach results in better end products that adapt to changing specifications and meet your overall expectations.
A key aspect of our methodology is "refactoring" to save time and raise quality. Throughout the life cycle of each project, we continually refactor the code and architecture to optimize and streamline the software's internal structure. This simplifies the code to ensure flexible architecture and infrastructure for easy evolution of the software.

Above all, our methodology enables you to clearly understand what is being developed at each milestone of the project. You can provide meaningful feedback every step of the way to be an integral part of the development team - without taking up too much of your time.


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